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Executor Assessment


Is your chosen Executor the right fit to execute your estate?


Take this quick assessment to find out.

Keep track of your responses to determine your final result.

1) Family Dynamics

I have a blended family, second marriage and/or children from a previous marriage. And/or two or more of my immediate family members do not speak to one another. It will almost certainly be contentious for my executor. My estate may be prolonged due to disagreements and worse case by lawsuits.
I have a blended family and I believe there may be issues with my beneficiaries and/or executor getting along. My executor may or may not be able to act impartially and fairly in the event of family disputes.
There are some issues but for the most part my family gets along and there will be no surprises in my will. My executor will not likely have issues with the family dynamic.
I am confident that there will be no issues between my beneficiaries and any family members not named in my will. My executor will have no issue acting impartially and fairly through the administration.

2) Financial Acumen

My executor does not understand finances and will struggle to understand the tax and accounting aspects of their duties. Tax deadlines may be missed, incurring late fees and penalties. Poor money management choices will likely be made as my executor is not well versed in various investment types. All of these inadequacies will potentially decrease the value of my estate.
Finances are not one of my executor's strengths and they will accomplish these tasks only with a great deal of assistance & research. Assets may be sold undervalued or through a lengthy process as my executor will be unaware of proper appraisal options.
My executor has sufficient knowledge of finances to accomplish the tax, investment and accounting aspects of their duties. They will likely manage this aspect of the role sufficiently but not optimally.
My executor is well versed with finances and will have no issue ensuring tax returns and the accounting of the estate will be completed in a timely and accurate manner. All assets will be appraised and sold through the most beneficial avenue, ensuring the highest possible value.

3) Complexity

My estate is complex. I own one or more businesses or have shares in private businesses, I have cross-border assets and/or I have an intricate asset distribution schedule in my will. My executor has no experience and will not understand how to manage or sell my businesses. They don't have resources to assist in ensuring that my beneficiaries receive all that I intend to leave for them.
My estate is complex. My executor has limited knowledge of businesses and will require assistance in ensuring that all aspects of my estate are managed appropriately. 
I have some assets that will need to be sold but the estate is uncomplicated. My executor will be able to maneuver my estate. Any business assets that I have are in a second will with an executor who has a good understanding of what steps to take. 
My estate is fairly simple and my executor should not have any issue managing my estate. I do not own or have shares in a business. My family structure is fairly simple and the distribution of my assets is straight forward.

4) Execution

My executor will struggle to understand all aspects of the duties required, the timeliness of the process and where to find appropriate resources. Without having a good understanding of all tasks required it is likely that my executor will not complete all tasks required, resulting in a lengthy execution where my beneficiaries do not receive money or gifts in a timely manner.
My executor will likely accomplish all tasks although likely in a chaotic process. Without good execution my beneficiaries will struggle to understand the status of the estate as well as be required to wait longer than they should to receive the money or gifts that I have left to them.
My executor will determine what needs to be done and when, however it will likely be done without an overall plan making the process less efficient. This may result in delayed payment to my beneficiaries.
My executor has high follow through and will excel in accomplishing all of their tasks. They will assemble resources and generate a plan to achieve the complete execution of your estate.

5) Emotional

My executor will have an extremely difficult time balancing their grief with the duties required of them. My executor struggles emotionally and this additional toll will result in poor execution of my will with delays, potential penalties and an estate not valued at its highest potential, as well as the stress that my executor will feel.
My executor will struggle but will be able to complete their tasks while grieving. However if my death is sudden and unexpected my executor will suffer and the additional burden of executing my will may result in lack of focus resulting in delays, poor communication and disorganization.
My death will be challenging for my executor but I believe they will be able to move forward with the tasks required of them in executing my will.
My executor will not have an issue fulfilling their duties even if my death were to be sudden. They will have the ability to manage the emotional aspect with the tasks required.

6) Availability

My executor has a demanding job and dependent children. Realistically I don't know when they will find the time to manage my estate and take 12-24 months from their busy life to ensure that deadlines are met and that my assets are managed to receive the highest possible value. 
My executor has either a job or dependent children which keep them busy. It will be a struggle for them to fit all of the duties required of them into their schedule. This is a concern as some of the tasks of an executor are very time sensitive. Missing these submission deadlines can cost a family a significant amount of money and lead to future financial stress.
My executor has a flexible schedule and can make time to settle my estate. They will need to manage their time well to ensure that they can integrate all tasks required of them as an executor into their schedule.
My executor is retired or does not work and has time available to settle my estate. I have no doubt that they will be able to spend time over the 12 - 24 months to ensure that my estate is managed efficiently and effectively.

7) Organization & Communication

My executor is not an organized person and struggles to keep track of tasks. My executor has poor communication skills and beneficiaries will likely be frustrated not knowing how the estate is progressing.
My executor will be overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in holding this role. Their lack of organizational skills will lead to deadlines being missed resulting in penalties and frustration among beneficiaries.
With a good system and resources to help with organization, my executor will likely stay on top of tasks and communication with beneficiaries.
My executor is extemely organized and will ensure that all deadlines of an executor's duties. They will communicate well with my beneficiaries, ensuring they are aware of current status & timing.

8) Geography

My executor lives in another country. Acting as my exectuor will require extensive travel, taking time away from their work and family. There will be costs to the estate involved for travel, fuel and accomodations.
My executor lives in another province. In addition to required travel, my executor likely won't have resources to contact when assets need to be sold. Acting as my executor will be burden with the additional travel and time commitment  required.
My executor lives within the province but in another city. Multiple trips will be required to my city for signatures and asset sales. They will be required to take time away from the family and work to fulfill their role.
My executor lives is in the same city and is close by to settle my estate. Geography is not an issue for my executor.

Final Results

Add up your total points, then select the range that fits your score.

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