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Who We Are

Lisa Pickering

Certified Executor Advisor


Lisa has spent the past 25 years working with businesses in finance and administration, building the trust of peers and clients. Through this work she improved processes resulting in more efficient and profitable companies. It was during this time that she was first named as an executor. She discovered that her knowledge regarding financial issues and tax laws, as well as her organizational skills, were valued assets to help make decisions that are in the best interest of an estate. After being asked to be an executor for the fifth time by another colleague, she furthered her education by obtaining the Certified Executor Advisor certification through the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors.


Christina Jibb

Project Manager

Christina’s strong project management abilities and attention to detail ensure that the execution of your will progresses in a timely manner. Christina ensures that documents are completed accurately and all key deadlines are met.

Our Values


Facing difficult decisions and hard choices is never easy, but we do the right thing even when it's difficult


We genuinely have our client’s best interest at heart


We recognize the grief of families and take action to provide support


We build open and honest relationships through consistent communication


We are committed to providing the best service in all we do, and holding ourselves accountable for our work's impact on others


You can trust us. We are a team of professionals who will make sure your needs come first and foremost, regardless of the circumstance

Trusted Advisors

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