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Why People Choose Us

I chose Lisa as my executor, to execute my will and manage my estate, based on multiple factors.  Given the complexity of my various companies and the family trust structure that my wife and I established, the young age of my children, and for estate planning purposes, I knew that I would require an executor who would be able to both deal with the emotional aspects of my family related to my potential death. Additionally the complexities of my business affairs and matters related to state and tax issues require someone very capable.  I appointed Lisa as I knew that she'd be able to handle this both from an emotional family perspective as well as from a technical aspect of my financial and business assets. It is reassuring and comforting to know that I can trust her and know that my affairs and family will be dealt with exactly as I intend.

~ B.P.


Lisa is a professional executor who takes away the worry of what would potentially be a stressful process. We chose Lisa to execute our wills and manage our estate for several reasons including professionalism, organization, emotional intelligence, and trustworthiness. 


As a husband and father of two young children, it was extremely important to select an individual who understood the impact my passing could have on my family as well as the professionalism and ability to execute. The complexity of my eventual passing also includes the technicalities of how my business will run in my absence.  With family and a business to leave behind, I have full trust in Lisa to ensure my business and family matters will be handled exactly as I have planned.

~ J.R.

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