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What We Do

Executor Solution


Contract The Professional Executor to be listed as your executor in your will.

You will be provided with peace of mind that your estate will be executed professionally, in a timely manner while demonstrating compassion to your beneficiaries. Your family and friends will have the time they need to grieve without the stress of fulfilling the role of the executor.

Funeral arrangements will be managed by us, with input from your family and beneficiaries. Government regulatory items will be handled. Tax returns will be filed in a timely manner. Assets will be inventoried and distributed or sold through optimal channels.

Communication with your beneficiaries will be empathetic and open, all while following your wishes.

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Executor Advisory Services

Conversation between Colleagues

The Professional Executor provides advisory services to executors to assist in any or all aspects of the execution of the will.


We provide outsourced assistance to lawyers, accountants and other professionals who are named executors, in the administration of the estate.


For the executor who can’t fulfill the role on their own, doesn’t have the time to dedicate, lives far away or is struggling to figure it all out, we are here to help.

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Trustee Solution


Contract The Professional Executor to act as your Trustee.


We act as custodian for all assets held in trust, distributing according you the terms of your trust, while always acting in the best interest of the beneficiaries. We maintain accurate and thorough accounts of assets, liabilities and creditors of the trust, ensuring that tax filings are completed in a timely manner.

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Power of Attorney Solution


Contract The Professional Executor to be listed as your general or continuing


Power of Attorney Property and / or Power of Attorney Personal Care.

Discussion upon contract to understand your wishes.

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Legacy Assessment


A 2-hour session conducted to review and document all aspects of your estate.


Areas with potential issues or improvements will be identified for you to review with your appropriate professionals.


Key information will be documented and a package will be provided to you, for your executors eventual use, removing the burden from them of locating the information themselves.

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